2 or 3 things,
we 've learned

curated by
Eva Egermann & Elke Krasny


Intersections of Art, Pedagogy and Protest


From: September 15 to October 29 2010
Opening: Tuesday, September 14, 7 pm

hosting an exhibition, a collection, a conference, lectures, workshops
and a party

Eruption and displaced learning activity. The moment of protest also raises the issue of its effect in the future. How can another duration be created from out of the intensity of politicization, collectivity, debate and counter-reality? What role do relations play, that are being re-thought at the interface of artistic production, critical pedagogy and protest

Processes, shifts and interventions (through art in education) become subjects. The exhibition space will become a site where actors, processes, workshops & conversations, as well as photographs, videos, objects, and artefacts encounter one another, assemble. Art works confront the contradictions in the debates. On the one hand this will open up space for confrontation and on the other it will create a collection which documents the artistic projects and the processes of educational critique. Creating other forms and exploring the language of possibilities in the interstices of the hegemonic order. A few things will be learned.

    Participating artists and theorists:

Ivana Bago, Madeleine Bernstorff, Sabine Bitter/Helmut Weber, Büro für fremde Angelegenheiten, Copenhagen Free University, Marijan Crtali´c Marthe Van Dessel, Petja Dimitrova, Dolce & Afghaner, Rainer Ganahl, H.arta Group, Heidrun Holzfeind, Annette Krauss, Kollektive Involviertheiten, Adriana Monti und Paola Melchiori, Schwere Schwestern und Vipfek, Sofía Olascoaga, rum46, Cecilia Wendt


AG Hexenpower, Art Work, Between Art & Education (Martina Greimel, Katharina Kanzian, Sophie Landerl, Marc-Michael Moser, Katharina Petru, Anna Maria Schähle, Rainer Spangl), Free Class Frankfurt, Rosa Kerosene, Manoa Free University, Meine Akademie, <reformpause> (Marion von Osten in Zusammenarbeit mit Studierenden der Universität Lüneburg), School for Non-productive learning and others

Spatial Intervention/Exhibition: Nanna Neudeck/Titusz Tarnai

Spatial Intervention/Collection: Julia Wieger


September 16, 6 pm:

Show and Tell Evening
hosted by bolwerK

September 23, 7 pm: Raumnacht 1
September 24, 7 pm: Raumnacht 2

hosted by Nanna Neudeck/Titusz Tarnai (suedosttangente.org)

October 14, 7 pm:

Screening mit Madeleine Bernstorff
En Rachâchant
(F, 1982 Danièle Huillet/Jean-Marie Straub)

October 15 and 16, 2 to 6 pm

A Take on Queer-Feminist Positions of Power Workshop
hosted by Kollektive Involviertheiten

October 21 to 23:

Space RE:solutions
International conference, hosted by the Visual Culture Unit, TU Vienna
(will partly take place within the exhibition)

October 28, 9 pm:

Performance at Marea Alta, Gumpendorferstr. 28,
hosted by Kollektive Involviertheiten, Schwere Schwestern and Vipfek,
Büro für fremde Angelegenheiten.