crystelling __NOPUBLISH__


bolwerK will combine parascientific history, anthropology, and technology to introduce participants to the electromagnetic spectrum and how radio and farming metaphors intertwine. During thiskkk open lab, participants will grow crystals, and experiment with their physical, accoustic, electric and electromagnetic properties transmitting and receiving signals from the body to the mind (of others) & intra-acting frequencies. Participants will not only leave the lab with new skills, but also thinking critically about the contemporary cooptation and privatization of the electromagnetic sphere.

mid april - mid june

- 1 time per week open lab sessions
- performative event - festival 

> elektron microscopy:
> sound visual art:
> dancer: sara manente
> crystal/minerals expert
> open diy lab: domestic science club

Technical needs
- oscilloscope (which can do xy modus)
- 8 channel mixer 
- active speakers
- cooking plate
- lamp
- little oven
- ..

> lab:
> sound studio : acsr: 
> concert: allée du kaai boot tencae/radio station:
> living: ?
> p-node:

darija mledic:  In the age of magical reproduction:
anna friz:

rochelle salt:
piezo electricit - extra ampy:
quartz clock: secret life of machines:
gems and crystal growing (general)
crystal industrial fabrication:

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