Owing to its acoustic properties, mercury was used as the propagation medium in delay line memory devices used in early digital computers of the mid-20th century.
Ring modulation is a signal-processing function, an implementation of frequency mixing, performed by multiplying two signals, where one is typically a sine wave or another simple waveform and the other is the signal to be modulated
Resonance frequency
The frequency at which the ceramic element vibrates most readily, and most efficiently converts the electrical energy input into mechanical energy, is the resonance frequency.
 Ice-nine is described as a polymorph of water which instead of melting at 0 °C (32 °F), melts at 45.8 °C (114.4 °F). When ice-nine comes into contact with liquid water below 45.8 °C, it acts as a seed crystal and causes the solidification of the entire body of water, which quickly crystallizes as more ice-nine.
Intra-action understands agency as not an inherent property of an individual or human to be exercised, but as a dynamism of forces (Barad, 2007, p. 141) in which all designated 'things' are constantly exchanging and diffracting, influencing and working inseparably

[BodyNoise Amp] is an electronic circuit that generates sound through contact between bodies.
[BodyNoise Amp] is an amp based on LM386 chip. This device transforms body electrical activity in sound by contact between different bodies. [BN A] allows to experiment a tact / sound cyborg synesthesia and the perceptive and identity deconstruction generated by this one

http://cloudindx.com/history/, James Bridle 
https://itp.nyu.edu/shows/spring2013/the-life-of-crystals/, Monica Bate Vidal

The  Feminine  Wireless  Amateur
The Electrical Experimenter, October, 1916, pages 396-397, 452: 


*The Five Most Likely Explanations for Long Delayed Echoes



{title} Electromagic Fog
During Electromagic Fog activation, trans-universal constellation bolwerK will combine parascientific history, anthropology, and technology to introduce participants to the electromagnetic spectrum and how radio and farming metaphors intertwine. During this open lab, participants grow crystals and experiment with their physical, acoustic, electrical, and electromagnetic properties, transmitting and receiving signals from the body to the mind and intra-acting frequencies. 
Hosted by Marthe Van Dessel and electronic musician Yasi Perera.
{title} Open lab session

Yasi Perera, Alice versieu, Marthe Van Dessel
Cook & seed crystelling
Live documentation into chemical reactions
Apparatus / trans-agreement
Synths & voice by immersion in radiation

Paul DeMarinis
“song from below” designed for "The Flight of AF447” 
Sonic electrolytical experiment with salt in water

Myra Van Ameringe
Navigate resonance frequencies
Biomagnetic body excercise

Ernst Karel
Frequency generating and mixing

Cycle between antenna's waves and intra-active frequencies
Deep listening session with enhanced devices

Boutique vizique
Visual Appearance

by Berg

hello@itswei, Alice Versieux, Amy Francheschini, Lode Vranken, Dominic Muren, Yasi Perera, Paul Demarinis, Van Gogh, ek.klingt.org, Alex & friend, Claire Williams, Michael Swaine, Me, boutique vizique & you and others

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{intertwinement farming - radio transmission}

 Broadcasting refers etymologically to a sowing technique—scattering seeds—not one-to-many spreading seeds of information but circulating locally, in terms of circuits and citizens being present in the (Hertzian) waves
"Ann Friz"

Propagating: creating new plants from seeds, cuttings, bulbs…, is a term used for how radio waves travel from one point to another, by the sun and the reflection on the ionosphere. 
Are you receiving us?Middelheim, 2017, Antwerp

{crystal + hexagon }

images :

Crystal illumination, Mothers and Daughters - 13 june
Crystelling, w-o-l-k-e - 1 june

{recipe - ingredients + tools }

cream of tartare 100g
demineralized water 125 ml
sodium carbonate 23g

mix cream of tartare & distilled water, heat the solution till 70°
add sodium carbonate little by little to trigger the chemical reaction
chill reaction in plastic container to 5,5°  + desiccant.   use fridge over night, or freezer with thermometer
make climate controlled dry chamber. Do it over 3-4 days. crystals should grow. 

wen you have crystal solids. wash in a mesh strainer with purified water (most clean water you can get) 

keep a few seed crystals.  suspend each one from stick with nylon wire in a paper cup

add crystals gradually to hot water (21,1-32,2 °) not boiling. dissolve
add crystals until you put one in that won't dissolve. 
pour off saturated crystal liquid into plastic container. leave solids 
add seed crystal into container and let it all evaporate. 
crystal will grow monocrystaline *

{ footer  }
(lab protocol)                                   
Greet your lab colleagues, when entering and leaving don't shake hands * English is the language for the lab state of mind * Be excellent to each other * Wear your safetey and protection * Focus: be precise & patient * Share your knowledge & expertise * Praxis, experiment & let's improve

 INTERFACE for  electromagic fog
{electric conversion}
(drawing wei  > sound, electric > electromagnetic)
{streaming + frequency list (cfr infra)}

21.025 – 21.200 MHZ CW - morse
27 MHZ  Vortex remote control
27085 Hz Sony Citizens Band 
88 MHZ Pirate transmission on   
162.550 MHZ  NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies    
28.000 – 28.300 MHZ  CW - morse
430.950 MHz  SSTV 

* (11)
{image: Photo hand / slinky / seeds /}


- ethernet 

TECH list :

- 2 beamer (
- 1 slideprojector
- 8 channel mixer
- 2 x active speakers
- 1 subwoofer
- 1 ledlamp
- 3 microphones
- max microstand
- 1 headphone amplifier
- 6 headphones
- possibly long cables XLR - XLR
- possibly long cables BNC - BNC

- 1 aluminium cart
- 2 rolling doggies

- aluminium paper
- black sanding paper
- mirrors (alice )
- lenses

- oscilloscope (yasi)
- vinyl player (amy)
- cooking plate (marthe)

- vise- multimeter (yasi)
- mini screw drivers (yasi)
- glue machine (yasi)
- soldering device (yasi)

-extra products? ( dominic) 
- a self made candle

- build amplifier crystal radio
- test V2 antenna
- get morton salt
- morse device with axoloti - 
- print pamphlet karen barad
- stamp on sanding papers
- update booklet
- make 'up to date' interface layout :  
- candle cups get them upstairs out of kitchen
- toothpick for hanging crystal
- nylon wire- 
- desiccant  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=desiccant&t=ffab&atb=v120-1&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images&iai=http%3A%2F%2Fimage.made-in-china.com%2F2f0j00tBkEugMUIezP%2F1gram-Silica-Gel-Desiccant-DSG1T-B-.jpg

- mesh trainer

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