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inventing the future
print in 2079

'ooooo'confirms hereby to participate in the research project in the context of the Jubilee project of AGA LAB, Inventing the Future (concept title). Inventing the Future is a project in which the print will be researched in the light of Print 60 years ahead, Print in 2078.'ooooo' will participate in a working and research project for about 3.5 months, within the project Inventing the Future. Part of this period will be a theoretical and artistic research.  The aim of the future is to bring new artistic perspectives to the future. 

others artists /
karin ferrari
maki suzuki
emre huner

Allard Pieson
The Allard Pierson Museum is  the archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam.  It is situated at the Oude Turfmarkt 127 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Artifacts from the ancient civilizations of ancient Egypt, the Near East, the Greek World, Etruria, and the Roman Empire are curated and exhibited in this museum. 

Rachel Boertjens, Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana, Joods erfgoed (was vandaag afwezig) 
Paul Dijstelberge, boekwetenschap
Laurien de Gelder, archeologie
Klaas van der Hoek, handschriften en moderne literatuur
Mathieu Lommen, grafische vormgeving en typografie
Hans Mulder, natuurlijke historie (Artis Bibliotheek)
Taco Walstra, computermuseum  /
Katheljin ( to include in the communications.
(Curators availability: Klaas van der Hoek - 29/4 to 1/5, Gwendolyn Verbraak - Monday afternoon 29/4, Tuesday morning 30/4, 2/5, Mathieu Lommen and Hans Mulder are at home, but not on Mondays and Fridays. Laurien de Gelder is also not available for part of the period.)

> catalogues
Beschrijving van de collectie van de speelgoed- en feestartikelenwinkel H. van Beek (circa 1900-circa 1917)
Gebruik dit adres om naar deze collectie te linken:
Inventaris van de collectie Henk van der Does (1960-1990)
Gebruik dit adres om naar deze collectie te linken:
Inventaris van het archief van het dispuutgezelschap A.T.L.A.S. (1923-1967)
Gebruik dit adres om naar deze collectie te linken:
Inventaris van de collectie C.G. van Arkel (1927-1975)
Gebruik dit adres om naar deze collectie te linken:
Theater secenografie :


? ?

context + examples 
The International Obfuscated C Code Contest :
endoh2 - Monty-Pythonesque animated quine 
Python quine:
we = "print('we = ' + chr(34) + we + chr(34) + chr(10) + we)"
print('we = ' + chr(34) + we + chr(34) + chr(10) + we)
Voight-Kampff Test Questions:

spacetime: An example of a light cone, the three-dimensional surface of all possible light rays arriving at and departing from a point in spacetime. Here, it is depicted with one spatial dimension suppressed.

poster :
material print :
nazca lijnen:
post print expo
twine code

Printing techniques:

toyobo/solar plate etching: ink charbonnel F66 NOIR
riso MZ 1070 E :  BLACK / GREY
413mm*291    (mastermaking - watch colors) (select on machine (  mastermode) STAT, after for printing (in print mode)

silkscreen >VE-000 78-170 (1978)
>Druma handdruktafle
>Screen Printing Exposure Unit With Vacuum WLS TECHNICS (1990)

The Magnum MCR35 Digital Creasing System is heavy duty, accurate and time saving.

before stiching  >>  POLAR MOHR 115 EM-MONITOR
after stiching >> WOHLENBERG MCS-2 TV

sewing machine BROTHER
polyester thread
leather needle
AxiDraw V3

PLOTTER - computer depot:
- references - 
- pL 10 - olivetti  - micro plotter
publicity :
- zeta plotter ???? 230 series  zeta research inc
Zeta 230 [97.17], Nicolet Zeta 2300 [02.10] digital plotters

Oscilloscope music

Punchard drum cylinder
piezo-electric printing :

make schema
diy UV pcb etching - on silk screen light box

> first book used -  BLUE_WHITE EOS 120gr LL (langlopend)
> Indigo Toch Class  BL (breed lopend) 95 gr - 200 gr - A3+  (plant based) (A3 440 x 350) (from the Paper Factory)
> Stone paper
> Arches paper for toyobo/solar plate

-(printing with oil bases pens )
-(printing with markers )
-(printing with bio ink)

-silkscreen (printing with conductive ink) - 50ml bare conductive ink w/ 40ml of demineralized water on 
- electrial paint:
- bio ink


stone size: 580*475



My mother was a computer (is on lib genesis:
Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials - Reza Negarestani  
Dark Matter - Poems of Space Jocelyn Bell Burnell ->p 101, p 105
(un)ordnung / (des)ordre - Vera Molnar - 
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy
Code - Charles Petzold
Grote Mysteries-Vliegende Schotels en andere raadsels van het heelal
John C. Lillly, The human biocomputer
Discovering our past, a pop-up science book
Geometric Origami, Chatani, Nakazawa
Paper engineering for pop-up books and cards, mark Hiner
Trash Mysticism, karin ferrari
"Pay for the Printer" is a science fiction short story by American writer Philip K. Dick. It was first published in Satellite Science Fiction, in October 1956. 
Cory Doctorow is the co-editor of the Boing Boing website. His latest novel is Makers, but I think that it is also worth reading his short story collection, Overclocked, where he posits a world in which 3D printing technology had crashed the world economy.

Bitish museum Printh through ages

Human Pyramid 1934_2079
Third Millenium Heart
So nobody can predict when, 
Predictions, Vision, prophecies
Loophole, spoiling, plothole
series, episodes, chronicles,  
Plothole - complicity anonymous - materials  hypemetarealism
- speculative 
timestamp the data


advice & support for paper
The Paper Factory
Levantkade 49
1019 MJ Amsterdam
+31 20 745 00 16

Carolina Aboarrage
+31 6 8227 8719

Melanie Brown

Clement VALK
Isolatorweg 15, 1014 AS Amsterdam

advice: Caroline Vincart
Jef Vandermeulenstraat 13
9050 Gentbrugg
+32 9 230 47 97


Gallery place
Litho stone  (580 x 475) +  axidraw  + raspberry pi  > electricity - ethernet  > table
Bibliography - A4 - water resistant paper  >  plinth - 875 x 350 x 460
Oscilloscope?- sound?
BOOK stereotype 
Axidraw -  testA3 plus - 310 x 440 mm  > poster prop stand 
Poster - Fountain antenna - 700 x 500 mm > fame? (hanging system)
Poster - Smalldates, i/print - 700 x 500 mm > frame? (hanging system)
Litho stone  - print 580 x 475 mm
Pineal   bio ink - stone paper, 315 x 297 mm  
Toyobo - solar plate - 421x290 mm
Toyobo - print - 295 x 415 mm (illustratie) - 340 x 560 mm

cupper plate mim 33,5*44 

Kabinet -  
different - Props


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