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During the seed journey,  bolwerK develops tactics and strategies to commonize the electromagnetic spectrum and decolonize our technologies. Radio frequencies, aswell as seeds get privatizated and are a manufactured scarcity.

A part of our spectrum is used for radio (tele)communication (3KZ-300GHZ), on very very low frequencies our brains also emit and birds use this critical natural resource produced by our magnetic poles to navigate. The analogy with radio and farming is striking. Broadcasting refers etymologically to a sowing technique, like in Van Gogh's painting, scattering seeds.  Not one-to-many spreading information but circulating locally, in terms of circuits and citizens being present in the Herzian waves. Propagating, creating new plants from seeds, cuttings, bulbs..., is a term used for how radio waves travel one point to another, by the sun and the reflection on the ionosphere. 

We developed different tools/hardware to experiment with on the sea:  trace our route with a navilogger (gpsflora+raspberypi), we use ham radio for slow scan television ( image transmission line by line) and we document the travel by audiologbooks  which are broadcast  via a pirate radio (piFM) when entering a port. On board we also have a streaming unit which we can deploy when we have Wifi (2.4Ghz) connection along the shore line or on land.

During the stay in Jersey I want to research low tech telecommunication techniques: marathon runners, the (optical) telegraph and the use of pigeons.

We could have during our stay a radio show on the local radio and gather different people:
somebody of the ham radio club, a pigeon breeder, an engineer who used to be involved in the early telecommunication of the islands ,....

Guersney :Telegraph bay _baptization/
On the way: Dolphins
Jersey: Farmers and Bee(s)(keeping), Millers,...- on the same wavelength

RADIO: Hamradio Club and 

crystal radio ~ image: 14-May-2014 23:43     211k -
Listen to: BBC hidden radio story:
MINERALS: galena:

Frequencies #

History of telegraphy in Jersey:

PIGEONS: cryptochrome
*the receptor, aka how can a pigeon actually detect a magnetic field?
*the processor, aka how does a pigeon's brain register the magnetic info picked up by its receptors?
*the map, aka how does a pigeon store "knowledge" about where it wants to go and how to get there?



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