Goethe Institute sets up a project to investigate the realm of identity in an online contex and is described as an  artistic and discourse based initiative (initiated by the Slow Media  Institute). The main idea is to explore notions of identity or identity construction in the (post-)digital age in an artistic way.  5 groups from 5 different countries are sharing ideas and develop one project each.

KASK, ghent
Nov 30th - 6 december
notes :

NRW FORUM, Düsseldorf
Jan 16th - 17th January

to be confirmed

*---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Bram Crevits, Wim Lambrecht, Lucille Calmel, bolwerK, Marijke de Roover

*"A never ending performative laboratory, 
*but for this occasion it should be short."

*a performative laboratory growing strategies and
*infrastructures, creating new communities, and challenging the notion
*of both physical and virtual identities in the post-digital age. The
*laboratory is aiming at networking the un-self, alter-avatar egos and
*no-(e)go personas through radical performative vernaculars.


NRW FORUM, Düsseldorf
Jan 16th - 17th January

Partition 1: The Animals Who I am 
A conference-performance by Lucille Calmel about the phenomena of animalities on Internet (& more) such as non-human movies, animals playing music or acting, interacting with beings, machines and screens. A conference-performance full of porosities, anecdotes & videos around the power of cuteness.

Lucille Calmel

Partition 2: Extremely local: Nostalgic for reality
How to rebel gracefully and be emotional about your country in public.


Marijke De Roover

Partition 3: Spoooofing mêmes
After error code 451, a  meme of the internet's OSI layer 1, 2 and 3, constitutes a collective interface for 'Max 32 characters'. The unself goes viral in bits and bytes consciously transversing the electromagnetic field  (Wifi, SSTV, PiFM, InfraRed) to become. Welcome, and enter the firewall. Hosted by Marthe Van Dessel






# MAX_32_Characters

4 The animals, who I am 

? Firewall v 0.1

documentation by Antol Loveras, Melanie Stegemann, Bram Crevits, Lucille Calmel, Parrot, Gunnar Sohn


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