Instruments for technocosmic germination


Oslo, Losæter
Sunday 22/05, 2016
hosted by Marthe Van Dessel - (durational til 29/05)

5 pm The experiment (biome) that is being performed questions whether the germination rate of seeds is affected by frequencies. It stimulates intra-actions within the universe of seeds, soil, birds, air, hardware, people and basic natural elements. It declares the Electromagnetic field as critical natural resource.
  • A nano smano:
    is a device that oscillates by a resistive gas sensor.
  • A mindsynthesis<
  • A geophone
    is a device that converts ground movement (velocity) into voltage. The deviation of this measured voltage is sonified by anoscillator (Axoloti)
  • A 50 Hz horn:
    is a device that driven by a flat circular steel diaphragm, which repeatedly interrupts the current to an electromagnet. 50 Hz is a radio frequency in the SLF band used by submarine communication systems. Seed treatment with MF 30 mT, 50 Hz, 30 s did not stimulate seed germination and growth processes in the seedlings, but resulted in an increase of plant antioxidant potential under soil flooding. /
  • A chaospoti
    is a device which creates chaos by using the bodies resonance
  • A rectifier

  • FIG. 1 Resistance of human body to current flow.
  • FIG. 2 Geophone
  • FIG. 3 Pedal power winch
  • FIG. 4 Dorothy Retallack's book The Sound of Music and Plants, 1973
  • FIG. 5 Schumann generator, 7,83 Hz
  • FIG. 6 Horn
  • FIG. 7 Brainwave (Hz)