? september 19:30

confirm presence:  
Marthe (friday, sunday, monday possible)
min 3 inhabitants/lodgers

Ptr_, Paul, lieven, Miljan, 

> Hypes&grypes (where/w/ho are you)
lieve:mute not so good: a lot of pressure, new discoveries - personal professional - f.said she was insane
paul: not fit, happy moving - things are spinning
marthe stressed, and about to leave
miljan found a job - happy

- formalize alternative economy 
*paul:  clean the garden with lieve / shopping cleaning products  >  contribution to the pig > everybodies use : washing clothes,  dishwasher cleaning surfaces/
*future: Cat > suus > from mid November on >>>>
*lieve:  guiding michel - electricty > contribution of the curtain : send mail of wannes (marthe) 
*lieve cleaned the fridge and the washing machine *garden clean up - not yet grass - oustide(oven,house)
*marthe: electricity plans - finalize  >>> OCB  warning(marthe
*miljan:  drawings - thinking

- Conflict management
*- samyra's stuff ?` paul :  talks  paul/miljan start the kitchen > food we start eating 20 septmeber / before 1 november!
*>>>>> 2 persons figure out, house comes to rescue > third party: professional >LETS
- Status: rotation wheel + car (tyres are pimped), plants (are watered finally:)!, cleaning
*>>>>> ulkiar / is our saviour - 
- Domiciliation
*samyra off > stadsdistrict 
*lieve off > 7th of october
*level 1 december Marthe
- Cloud Access
- Prepare before winter
*wood : herentalsebaan on ranst in de buurt van nr 83 - aanbellen

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