S14-19-04 __NOPUBLISH__
invited:  odile, amélie, marthe, alice

Hypes & grypes

odille : strange - could be worse - can do my thing - it is okay - bad mentally - make progress - worried - before break down - relationship stuff -  works stress (because of mistake) +administration* i am dealing
amelie:  i had a good rhythm -  hygiena was taking over - it was stressfull  ** no concentration - cognitive deterroiation -
marthe :  mental transposition - 
alice: first outside day - S14 is hosting - nice to be here and working  on maintenace upgrade - strange to come back with the travel -2 morrow  hospital. to be outside is close to something which can happen within in pandemia. i am scared a little bit to go outside. it is in the air * i had already quarantaine in my life.


social situation:
we were in mexico - but also in belgium > i had trouble in my appartment - it was hard to plan - also involve thrid parties .... and how to deal with the intrusion.

SOLUTION Amelie prepared the infrastructure in 2 sperate households (fridge, cuttlery, food,...) send message - to negotiate space

odille:  expectation of official regulation -> i will stay with deena  + transition period > get tested - i want to protect other people : WAITING (3d of may)
amelie: atelier / S14 > first try
marthe + alice:  tuesday make it livable +  - restriction of moving far from you neighbourhood > 28/29th of april: GET IN TOUCH

to keep S14 as a place of safety

- wear mask /silk scar / gloves / eye protection for risky outside  in balance with stress/fear
- desinfect hands on the way
- wash hands before and after entering the house 
- what you touched before you sahs you hands, you desinfect 
- shoes out in the hallway and use other shoes inside
- what get's in the house - we desinfect before entering in the kitchen
- jackets on the 'kapstok' 24h 

- fridge  / temporary? 
- food / no preference - shifting
- plates, glasses > no sense to seperate them?

- lodgers/guests/good actors
- no - due to COVID19

- events
- no social happenings due to COVID19 
- corona bar? long term

S14 group / tijdelijk *


Alternative Economy

Maintenance status update
- Suzanne is not coming 3 may
- cleaning list 

AV starts- amelie -

- topfloor / plants > Amelie

- clean for glycerine
- plant  flowers
- finish window
- finish table
-painting wall 
-fixing little window
-fixing+painting corniche
-remove klimop
-cleaning corner

> kombucha
> use - separate fridges

- door handle low cupboard > fixed
- order lamp oven : (130V, 35W halogeen ovenlamp)
- tablet inbetween

upgrade curtain rail (ordered and on the way)

> ex sauna/laundryedicave  is cleaned and rearranged after flood before mexico
- empty bottles?

- gordijnrail Amelie - offerte
- room unit  /schilderen  ( verf geld uit potje)
  wit * verffabriek : https://www.deverfkerk.be

- planten / water geven  * op aanvraag
- motten in kast (vervangen)
-  gas > opvolgen - marthe
- kledingsmotten *** aanpakken cederhout * + ander vallen ? + bestuderen w
- stofzuigerzak voor industriële stofzuiger
- mail all works to neighbour


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