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It's quine time

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'It is quine time !'' A look ahead in 60 years of print forced ooooo to think about the core of 'printing' but also about time.

What will remain of existing printed matter within sixty years in 2079? What and how will it be printed? Within the current paradigm shift, from a printed knowledge society to a digital data world, questions arise about who has access to information and knowledge and who are the gatekeepers of our virtual sources and servers? Who has the power over these new digital data structures? And aren't those systems that begin to think and execute themselves prejudiced; written for profit and self-liberation, resulting in a separation between man and machine? And in the light of the current climate crisis, what natural resources do we want to exploit in order to allow this digital infrastructure to continue to exist?

The work you will see consists of crystals, a fountain, stone, axidraw (xyplotter), pen holders, water and we ... people? In 2019 we were animals, organisms, cells in osmosis with machines, self-learning algorithms, data, non-binary *

What time is it for who, and when will it count

Allard Pierson
Turfmarkt, Amsterdam, NL

3 november - 19 january
Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm

:(opening) event: Saturday 2 november 4 pm

Frans Masereel centrum
Masereeldijk 5, 2460 Kasterlee, BE

2 february - 14 march
Thursday to Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm

:(opening) brunch: Sunday 2 February 11 am

We are still looking for Penholders

to have a meeting with the AxiDraw, the XY plotter who needs a human hand to print. In relation with the Pen holder, the Axidraw will be remotely activated during the exhibition period. The Pen holder will engage to be present on an agreed time according to availability . In exchange for the commitment, ooooo (*) will provide an edition signed by the Pen holder and the Axidraw. :(agreement):



An edition of an open lab to grow crystals with piezoelectric intra-active frequencies: cooking, signaling, sounding, transmitting.

Special Edition #5 ex - Human error - 99 euro
Edition #15 ex - 39 euro
Artist proof #5 - donated

Paper, marker, screen print, riso, thread, axidraw, xerox, bare conductive ink

produced by ooooo

With With 209.dk, Carolina Aboarrage, Henry Anderssen, av-net, BeBe Books, Melanie Brown, bugel amplification, Pascale Barret, Amy Franceschini, Björn Jauss, Ismira Kovac, Dominic Muren, Planète Concrète, Yasi Perera, Mert Şen, Kestem Selma, La Suz, Marthe Van Dessel, various artists, Lode Vranken, Wasco, Wei Wang, Claire Williams
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Belgium License. >distributed by BeBe Books

To buy: write to infoATooooo.be


Axidraw, av-net, Carolina Aboarrage, Brother, Druma, Ayesha Ghaoul, Magnum MCR-35, Polar Mohr, Melanie Brown , Stefanie Schirmer , _ptr, Mert Sen , Naan Rijks , RISO MZ 1070 E, Maarten Schuurman, Marthe Van Dessel, Wasco, NajaH Yseult

with support of AGIA, Bouwput, Byrthe, Caroline (Paper Factory), Sofie Kurpershoek, Katja Mater, Metaplex, Profilex, Caroline Vincart, Techinc

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Cmd P for 2079 is an exhibition in honor of the 60th anniversary of AGA LAB, makerspace and research place for artists and designers in , co-produced with Frans Masereel Center, curator Sofie Dederen and AGA LAB, in close cooperation with Allard Pierson.


cmd p