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The Ever Mass Land 

29 march
International Tree Climbing Day

Playground 0:1:1,2
Architectural Intervention To Open Urban Space

at 80 Rue Gallait, 1030 Schaerbeek

On Sunday 29 March, The Ever Mass Land opens its doors to the public. A perfect moment for you to discover ‘Playground 0.1.1,2’ a project by Isabelle Pauwelyn. On a land that currently lies fallow, we will set up a garden, where forgotten vegetables can grow, a playground, a performance space and meeting area.

We invite everyone to start the construction and the filling of the space with music (Niko Hafkenscheid, Miquel Casaponsa), movement (Coral Ortega), food, and so fort.

That Sunday 29 March is also the INTERNATIONAL TREE CLIMBING DAY. This seems to be the perfect moment to act upon the many ideas launched during the 'Platform 3' meeting on the first day of March - Baba Marta - i.e., how to develop the tree hut and surrounding area.

All Platform 3 projects can be followed via the docu-wiki, a virtual platform.


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