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The Ever Mass Land 

Couch Potatoes untangles hospitality exchange networks on a couch while eating potatoes
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Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson
Tortilla de Patatas

potatoes, butter, olive oil, onion, eggs, salt

-peel the potatoes;
-cut them in slices about 50 milimiters thick;
-boil the potatoes for 4 minutes in water and a bit of salt;
-prepare an oven friendly ceramic pot with a bit of margerine and garlic - use the garlic to spread the margerine in the pot;
-put the pre-boiled potatoes in the pot;
-prepare on the side: cream and a bit of milk (70% cream - 30% milk enough quantity to cover the potatoes) with salt, black pepper (preferably) and the precious nutmeg (should use a knife to scrach the nutmeg - use 10% of a nutmeg), and mix everything;
- cover the content of the potatoes pot with the cream;
- cover everything with cheese (parmesiano for example);
- oven it - maximum temperature until the content is boillig. when boiling reduce to minimum temperature;
- around 15 - 20 minutes after boiling check if potato is cooked.

Be carefull: it stays very hot for a long time after coming out of the oven.



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