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The Ever Mass Land 

Foto: Caroline Vincart

La Réünion is a residency project which unravels the politics of networking in a historical context of working movements.

project finished in july 2009

Stefanie Seibold,NG Lucie Kolb, Joaquin Wall ,Cristina Della Guistina, Nikolaus Gansterer, Johanna Kirsch, Zorka Wollny Glukya Esther Straganz, Julia Wiegers, Elke Auer, Eva Egermann

before (TBC):
David Helbich

Stefanie Seibold
Stefanie Seibold is an artist working with performances, installations and video art. She was a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht 2004/05 and her work has been shown at various venues, amongst others at the De Appel, Amsterdam, Salzburger Kunstverein, and Akademie der Künste, Berlin. She is teaching Performance and Gender at the Art University in Linz and has been curating shows and spaces in Vienna resulting in a book about Performance in Vienna since the 1960s.

NG (no birthdate no country lives everywhere) is now in LA, yesterday at Air Antwerpen, Villa Arson Nice, Villa du lavoir Paris, Antti Lovag's Bubble House
Nice, Quelle Vienna, Bad foundation Rotterdam, Flux Factory NY, La Generale Paris.

Since two years NG began a nomadic project going from place to place testing all kinds of architectures and situations- NG works with the specificity (context-space- architecture- people- organisation) of the places where she stays. She uses video, drawing, writing, she makes sound dispositiv and performance. She questions the way we inhabit the architecture, the way we transform it, play with it, how people and space interact, how the architecture affects the way of
doing and thinking (and vice versa). She's now involved in the project "architecture of survival" curated by Komplot, Brussels, and with this project and Komplot, she will be in L.A. for the three
next months. She's working on a video involving the famous architect Yona Friedman.

Selected exhibitions: Architectures of survival Outpost Los angeles (dec 08), Error one Extracity Antwerpen (septoct08) , Air Antwerpen (june 08),My space Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven (june 08), Sparwasser Berlin (april 08), Flux Factory New York (april O8), Radiophonic Brussels (oct 07), Kunsthalle Nikolaj Copenhagen (june sept 07), le Plateau Paris (april may 07), gallery cortex athletico Bordeaux (fev 06), Tent Witte de with Rotterdam (sept 05), Centre d'art Contemporain Basse Normandie(nov dec 03), Palais de Tokyo Paris (april 02), gallery & paris (april may 02), ZAC Musee d'art moderne de la ville de Paris(oct99)

Lucie Kolb
graduated from the Zurich university of arts 2008. Is co-curator of radio arhur a monthly radio programme that is interested in discussion, criticism and views on the perception of art. And co-creator of a working group which engages itself with the forms of display and reception of cultural systems.

Joaquin Wall
Student of New Media Arts career since 2005 at the National Institute of Arts, Buenos Aires.
With Guadalupe Lucero & Mariano Dorr, he started "filosofía y estética III", a research group that simulates being a normal course of multimedial arts career curricula.
He has curated film exhibitions in living rooms and collects both pictures and films that were thrown away by they owners, that usually use for his work.
He lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Christina Della Giustina
Christina Della Giustina works in diverse ways with real-time data, rendering dynamics particular to specific environments and as complex as water, weather, sounds, and liquids, publicly accessible and perceivable. In many ways the work focuses on an ongoing research
on possible languages as sets of tubes between the gaze, hearing and touch.
Using divers digital media in combination with writing, the potential of these works lies in the direct communication with the actual surrounding they are conceived for and intrinsically deal with. Without adding anything to a given environment, fluctuations, dynamics and rhythms inherent to sites reveal themselves. In generating ‘ways of saying’ for the environment the work let’s its surrounding speak, disclosing and addressing the power and intimacy of our presence.

Zorka Wollny
Born in 1980 in Krakow, graduated at Painting Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (2006). Co-creator of fundacja 36,6.
Her video and performances explores the limits of public, private and institutional spaces. She is interested in notions of custom, cultural codes, conventions and discovering a balance between anthropological observation and channels of expression.

Nikolaus Gansterer
born 1974, studied Transmedia art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and was researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, in the Netherlands. He founded the Institute for Transacoustic Research and co-founded the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra. Since 2007 he is Guest Lecturer at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Johanna Kirsch (Austria, 1980) experiments and reworks individual expressions of concepts such as autonomy and freedom and takes a look at the dynamics and flexibility of the borders defining these concepts.

The work deals with the discovery of possibilities for checking the in-between spaces of self-definition and self-determination in cross-reaction with the social structures of space and the validity of their existing rules, limits and borders. This can be a very physical procedure – her own body becomes a test dummy for such experiments; Like crossing space using no given path or deconstructing and executing a road movie by living it or in becoming a part of the environment and infiltrating it through actions like climbing, sneaking and attaching the body to it.
The last few years she has been living all over Europe and has shown her work in different contexts such as film festivals, exhibitions and site-specific projects. Her work has often taken the form of installations, performance and video.

At the moment she lives and works in situ between the cities of Brussels and Vienna.

°1974, lives and works in Oslo, Norway
Bugges work is mainly video based, in combination with sculpture, drawing and animation. Her work produces an unsettledness, a place where the ambiguity of the subject matter takes over, and new interpretations and mysteries appear."In the examination of power structures I look for the ambivalence between the desire for and the contempt of power. I am interested in aggression as both a constructive and destructive force in society." Bugges work has over the past years been involved in questions about post-imperialism, and largely engaged in dealing with "the other".

Saskia Holmkvist
Over the past few years, Saskia Holmkvist has been engaged in an art practice that moves between video, performance, social process–in an ongoing artistic investigation into the relations of the politics of authenticity, media and credibility to the process of what different forms of communication represent. To this aim, she employs conceptual and methodological approaches borrowed from artistic and academic practices such as journalism, theater, documentary film and therapy. Saskia Holmkvist often invites people from different categories of profession such as people working with voice over in documentary film, media trainers, psycho-therapists and job-recruiters to establish a framework were a meeting leads to an exchange of knowledge or a conflict of interest that is later represented in her work. Lately she has dealt with the role of the interviewer and the interviewee within different professions.

Factory of Found Clothing
The duo Gluklya & Tsaplya (Natalia Pershina and Olga Egorova) came to attention in the 1990s with performances about famous female characters from Russian literature.

Both are active members of Chto Delat? (What is to be done?), a working group of artists, philosophers and writers striving for alternative forms of cultural critique.

As Factory of Found Clothing Gluklya & Tsaplya want to resist capitalist consumerism.

Katja Gretzinger
Katja Gretzinger is a graphic designer living in Berlin and active in Zurich. Between 2006-2008 she was at the Jan Van Eyck academy in Maastricht.

Esther Straganz + Elke Auer
Elke Auer (1980) and Esther Straganz (1979) are working together since the turn of the millenium.
In 2007 they co-founded the group GirlsOnHorses together with Eva Egermann and Julia Wieger, with whom they were also running the emancipatory speakers forum PostProloClub. Recently they are working on and with monsters of all kinds.

Julia Wiegers
Julia Wieger studied architecture in Vienna and Buenos Aires. Since 2005 she has been working as an artist in ever changing, formal and informal group-constellations such as Manoa Free University, GirlsOnHorses or minigruppe. In this milieu she keeps being involved in multidisciplinary research projects that are often informed by feminism and pop-culture. Investigating fields like the conditions of labor or city politics, she is interested in their spatial implications and affects on everyday life.

Eva Egermann
Eva Egermannis an artist living in Vienna, who works in different Media and various Collectives, e.g. recently within the Manoa Free University, as part of the group GirlsOnHorses, or co organising the PostProloClub. She is editor of the monthly magazine MALMOE and working as a researcher and teacher the artacademy in vienna.


Katja Gretzinger, Fc Poppesnor Christina Stadlbauer, Isabelle Pauwelyn, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Thomas Laureyssens, Yi Yiang...